Free Screening - A Prophet - Tues 12th Jan - 6.30pm - See Film First

Free Screening - A Prophet - Tues 12th Jan - 6.30pm - See Film First

Found 8th Jan 2010Made hot 8th Jan 2010
Free Screening - A Prophet - Tues 12th Jan - 6.30pm


Birmingham Broad Street, Cineworld Cinema Info Tuesday 12 Jan 6.30 PM
Cardiff, Cineworld
Didsbury, Cineworld
Edinburgh, Cineworld
Fulham Road, Cineworld
Glasgow Renfrew Street,
Nottingham, Cineworld

Sheffield, Cineworld
Wandsworth, Cineworld

code 196149

thanks a - person


Thanks got 2 tickets

thanks xx

links not working for me?

links not working for me either, just go on an old deal link, still takes you to where you should be going:)
thanks op although nothing near me

got 2 for Cineworld Fulham Road, london. thanks.

Cheers m8 got 2 for Edinburgh. The link is working when you get through to the page just click on " return to homepage" SIMPLES :o)

Just be aware that it's in French with subtitles. A good film by all accounts but some may be put off by this.

Thanks Holly, Got 2 for wandsworth

H & R Added!!!

Thanks. Got 2.

Cheers missed out on another occassion so delighted.:thumbsup:

Heat UP!


Got 2 for Fulham Road! I have been trying to see this film since last won Best Film at the LFF.

got two for birmingham; thanks

rep & heat added thank you! long time since iv found tickets now i find 2

Nicey - ta

Got 2 for Glasgow thanx
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