Free Screening - Bridesmaids 21st June @ Tellten
Free Screening - Bridesmaids 21st June @ Tellten

Free Screening - Bridesmaids 21st June @ Tellten

code 780124


Basingstoke, ODEON

Birmingham, ODEON

Blackpool, ODEON

Bournemouth, ODEON

Braehead, Glasgow, ODEON

Brighton, ODEON

Bristol, ODEON

Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, ODEON

Coventry, ODEON

Derby, ODEON

Edinburgh Wester Hailes, ODEON

Greenwich, London, ODEON

Guildford, ODEON


Kingston upon Thames, ODEON

Lee Valley, London, ODEON

Leeds/Bradford, ODEON

Leicester, ODEON

Liverpool ONE, ODEON

Maidstone, ODEON

Manchester Printworks, ODEON

Mansfield Leisure Park, ODEON

MetroCentre, Newcastle, ODEON

Milton Keynes The Point, ODEON

Norwich, ODEON

Sheffield, ODEON

Southampton, ODEON

Southend on Sea, ODEON

Swansea, ODEON

Wimbledon, London, ODEON

Thanks to bevvy


Thanks 2 for Southend

Manchester Full 2min after you posting this But thanks anyway op Heat Added

got 2 for blackpool

Got two for Derby -- the last 2 I'm afraid no more left.
None left in Leicester either.
Thanks OP!

none for Norwich

Any Tickets Left A Tall.

none for Leicester :-( if anyone has tickets and can't make it, please let me know. thanks

heat added

None for Basingstoke...

None for Basingstoke...

None for Basingstoke or Guildford. Hopefully next time...

Swansea already full :-(

none for leeds/bradford

Brighton full

None for Kingston or Wimbledon. Telten ones always run out so quickly, its ridiculous.

rubbish! manchester is full

Original Poster


rubbish! manchester is full

rubbish is it? Let's see you produce some codes then you ungrateful ****.

Good find! Shame they are all gone everywhere.

If anyone has 2 spare for southend i would be much appreciated, thank you! xxx

Maidstone full

None left for Glasgow

None for Southampton either.

Good find. Unfortunately none for metrocentre Anyone got 2 for Metrocentre that they no longer require I would be most grateful
Edited by: "mum2littleangels" 27th May 2011

All gone. :-( Anyone that grabbed tickets for Basingstoke & cant make it - I'd be most grateful for these & will rtn a favour! ;-)

Got ...

2 tickets Bridesmaids at VUE CINEMA YORK, going up for grabs

Thanks again SS, me and mates got some for Bristol when you posted this morning

the code isn't even being accepted...n its only been 11 hrs...that was fast n unexpected

keeps saying theres a p[roblem with the code now. Has anybody got 2 spare for Derby please??? PM me if you have, i will be massivly grateful

thanks for posting SS

might be worth another look at this as chanced my luck as so want to see this film and bingo got tickets for southampton..thanks OP very much indeed

Mk was showing full but tried today again and got 2. Thanks.
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