Free Screening - Catfish Tuesday 14th December

Free Screening - Catfish Tuesday 14th December

Found 8th Dec 2010Made hot 8th Dec 2010
Code CF5448

SCREEN ON THE GREEN Q&A - Islington - 14/12/10 6:30pm
LEXI CINEMA Kensal Rise, London - 14/12/10 6:30pm
HYDE PARK PICTURE HOUSE Leeds - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Liverpool FACT - 14/12/10 6:30pm
ICO Watershed Bristol - 14/12/10 6:30pm
ICO Q&A - Showroom Sheffield - 14/12/10 6:30pm
REELTIME Grosvenor Glasgow - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Southampton Harbour Lights - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Bath Little Theatre - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Regal Henley - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Q&A - Cambridge Arts - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Edinburgh Cameo - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Aberdeen The Belmont - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Q&A - Clapham - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Stratford East - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Greenwich - 14/12/10 6:30pm
PICTURE HOUSE Q&A - Brixton Ritzy - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD ABERDEEN-UNION-SQUARE, Aberdeen - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD BIRMINGHAM BROAD STREET, Birmingham - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD , Bolton - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD Cardiff, Mary Ann Street - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD Cheltenham, Ch - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD Crawley - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD High Wycombe - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD Ipswich - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD 602 Marlboro' Gt., Milton Keynes - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD Stevenage - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD Wandsworth, Wandsworth High Street - 14/12/10 6:30pm
CINEWORLD , West India Quay - 14/12/10 6:30pm

Thanks to elski


None left for Cambridge!

None left for Aberdeen.

Original Poster


None left for Cambridge!

It's the same code as I posted last week but there have been fresh venues added. I don't think you can check which venues are available unless you actually go through the process of booking the tickets, so I've put them all up. Some will still be sold out and some will have tickets available. Hopefully,some people will get some. Hard luck for you though.

Thanks. 2 for Cardiff.

Blast! - none for Liverpool, but ta for the post, heat added

2 for Bolton. Cheers!

clashes with next 3 days - arghhhhhhhhhh

thanks ss

Got two for Bolton, thanks. Just watched the trailer, am intreged with the ending now.

Got 2 for Wandsworth...nothing left in London.


Thanks X)

None for Edinburgh...

Got 2 for stevenage, thanks

none for Islington, Greenwich, Stratford or West India Quay.

*sob sob

thanks for posting though, heat added.

This film is one the most overhyped films i've ever watched.

cheers got 2 for Bolton

Such a great movie.

2 for milton keynes :D, Thanks

Btw Next 3 days is a superb film, saw it whilst on my hols, along with: Megamind, HP7, Unstoppable, Red, Faster

Sorted! Got two for Bolton. Thanks for posting the item.

None left for Leeds
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