Free Screening - Made in Dagenham - July 13th

Free Screening - Made in Dagenham - July 13th

Found 8th Jul 2010
Starring: Sally Hawkins, Rosamund Pike, Miranda Richardson, Bob Hoskins, Jamie Winstone, Rupert Graves, Geraldine James, Roger Lloyd-Pack,

From the people that brought you Calendar Girls and set in Dagenham, 1968. The Ford Motor factory is the industrial heart of Essex, England, employing 55,000. While the men work on the cars in the gleaming new main plant 187 women toil, sewing car seats in the dilapidated old 1920s river plant - where rain regularly falls through the corrugated iron roof and which becomes a sweat shop in summer. Although far from the Swinging Sixties of Carnaby Street, life for the women of Dagenham is tinged with the sounds and sights of the optimistic era, heard on their radios and seen on their TV sets. But no one thought the revolution would come to Dagenham. Rita O'Grady reflects that upbeat era, along with her friends and co-workers Sandra, Eileen, Brenda, Monica and Connie, who laugh in the face of their poor conditions. That is until the female workers are re-graded "unskilled," and the women finally take industrial action. Rita, who primarily sees herself as a wife and mother, is coerced into attending a meeting with shop steward Connie, sympathetic union representative Albert and Peter Hopkins, Ford's Head of Industrial Relations and finds her political voice.

Previews are on Tuesday 13th July at the following locations:


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got 2 tickets. thanks!


got 2. smashing. how do u add rep on this new look site?

got 2 for Leeds. Thanks.

already posted - none in my area - spam the dupes

is this film any good?


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Holly100 - Didn't see the other one when I posted... I was probably still filling out the form before the other one got made live. It's only 30mins apart, took me about that long whilst I was multitasking...

Anyway, mine was for ShowFilmsFirst and his was SeeFilmsFirst probably why mods didn't remove mine as a dupe.

nice one cheers:) 2 for glasgow

Picked up two for Glasgow - many thanks.

Only Leeds and Glasgow left now.

Miss out

Ah, I can't believe I've only just seen this
I was actually a reporter in this film in a few scenes. If anyone wants to sell me their tickets for the Newham screen, please let me know. I'd love to see this before it is out.
Thanks if you can.

email - [email protected]

Noooo! Can't believe I missed yet another free screening.

Aghhhh would have loved to see this. My dad use to work at fords in dagenham X)
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