Free Screening of Half Nelson
Free Screening of Half Nelson

Free Screening of Half Nelson

Great Film for FREE! Thanks to Timeout. I've been to 2 of their screenings and they were all fab!


Half Nelson
In association with Axiom Films

18:30 on Thu Apr 05 2007

Cineworld Haymarket, 63-65 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4RL

Half Nelson is an honest and elegantly understated drama about a disillusioned and self-destructive teacher whose relationship with a precocious student inspires him to reclaim his own wayward life.

The film stars Ryan Gosling as a young man handicapped by the conflicting forces of idealism and cynicism, and Shareeka Epps, as his pragmatic but hopeful student. Rounding out this collection of exciting young talent are director/writer Ryan Fleck and producer/co-writer Anna Boden, filmmakers who transport us to the edgy urban landscape that is the setting for this fresh, provocative, and emotionally-charged story about friendship and the possibility of redemption in an unforgiving world.



Sounds kind a half nelson interesting film.

Thanks a bunch, teoanne.

Joined the club of time out wannabees. Cheers. Whatever that is or means...

Its called a smile

Wrong. This is a smile >>> :-D .

You were thinking about this >>>:prop: Understandable, RHCP. Namesake reveals all.

p.s. evil avatar (no disrespect or any thing). Some say too many anime/hentai/manga will corrupt innocent RHCP's in you, in us, in this entire planet world universe and beyond. com. Is this always true? If so, why?:thumbsup:
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