Free Screening of Limitless - 22nd or 29th of March At Odeon @ Momentum Screenings

Free Screening of Limitless - 22nd or 29th of March At Odeon @ Momentum Screenings

Found 15th Mar 2011Made hot 16th Mar 2011
22nd of March:


Cinemas are:

Basingstoke, Odeon
Belfast, Odeon
Birmingham, Odeon
Brighton, Odeon
Bristol, Odeon
Edinburgh Lothian Road, Odeon
Glasgow Quay, Odeon
Huddersfield, Odeon
Kettering, Odeon
Leeds/Bradford, Odeon
Leicester, Odeon
Liverpool ONE, Odeon
Liverpool Switch Island, Odeon
Manchester Printworks, Odeon
Manchester Trafford Centre, Odeon
Mansfield Leisure Park, Odeon
Marble Arch, Odeon
Norwich, Odeon
Oxford Magdalen Street, Odeon
Sheffield, Odeon
Silverlink, Odeon
Southampton, Odeon
Swansea, Odeon
Whiteleys, Odeon
Worcester, Odeon


29th of March - also ODEON fo Virgin customers, direct link:…ws/


Basingstoke shows here but not on link

Went to see this tonight.... I'd recommend! Some cool playing around with the camera.

2 tickets for Manchester. thankyou


Basingstoke shows here but not on link

So did manchester Trafford Centre, i got the Printworks ones instead as couldn't find them. Maybe they've already been allocated?

Thank you! Got 2 tickets for birmingham.

Can't see brighton

none for Lincoln

It's not Glasgow Quay, Odeon it's at Breheead instead.

Finally got 2 for belfast thanks for sharin heat added

swansea shows but not on link either

thanks OP

Edinburgh one is different too, got 2 for WesterHailes

none left for Leicester

norwich not mentioned on link

Great Film, saw it last night


None left for Belfast. Anyone can't go and has tickets feel free to pass on

None left for Southampton, bad times

Got tix for 29th but it's not for Limitless - for a film called 'killing Bono'

none for southampton left

No Brighton - damn!! Was really hoping to get some for this film as well..!!

None left at MetroCentre :-(

Watched it last night at liverpool One. It's an ace film.

Norwich is not mentioned on the link???

There's warrington on the list as well just got two tickets thanks a lot

Also saw this last night at Liverpool One. First 10/15mins where a bit slow but then it gathered pace and got really interesting. Good watch

got 2 for birms

none for manchester wah.

saw Bradly Cooper on Graham Norton Show few days back. and got tixs for tonight in Leicester > Thanks to Ashley.
just a question > what if you print one email twice and try sapratly, will they find out coz there is no bar code or such thing to see if a printed email gone in.

Says there for Swansea, but Swansea not on list

Worcester shows here but not on link

2 tickets for warrington thankyou

watched already , great movie

does any one have a spare for manchester printworks? Please and thank you.
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