Free screening of "Milk"

Free screening of "Milk"

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First Direct have offered their customers a free screening of the film "Milk" starring Shaun Penn. The film is about the election of America's first openly gay elected official.

Screenings are on 12th January in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ipswich, Bolton, Wandsworth, Cardiff, Sheffield and Birmingham.

Click the link and enter promo code 11436FD.


Thanx. Heat added.

Thanks. :thumbsup:

nice one

Saw this in Greenwich a few weeks back at a preview screening - AMAZING film! Definitely would recommend this.

nice one cheers

[COLOR="Blue"]Managed to get tickets!

Heat added, Thanks.[/COLOR]

great 2 tickets for sheffield yipeeeeee heat

none near Liverpool:x

Great, got 2 for Glasgow! Thanks.

none left for brum, really wanted to see this

None left for Wandsworth either... Thanks anyway!

thank got 2

Thank you, got 2 for Ipswich.

Thanks 2 for sheffield, looks like im a the picyures all next week

All tickets for Cardiff now gone
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