Free Screening of "Sherry Baby" - GOBEYONDSCREEN

Free Screening of "Sherry Baby" - GOBEYONDSCREEN

Found 8th Jul 2007
Just spotted this on the Times' Go Beyond Screen Booking Portal
Sherry Baby - Tuesday 10th July, 6pm for 6.30pm start
Currently only available at: Birmingham, Bristol Cribbs, Cambridge, and Oxford VUE Cinemas BUT.....keep checking the site for a location near you, as they usually gradually add more cinemas and seats. Similarly, if your cinema is Fully Booked, check back in a couple of days when they usually add more seats.

You can request up to 2 tickets (although if you repeat your order you can order as many as you want).

IMPORTANT: the Weekly Password is skyoffer

Please don't shoot me down if I've messed up - it's only my first post, after all...


Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post

Thanks and welcome to HUKDs, voted hot as good deal - allthough not in my particular area sadly.

Thanx alot - ordered 2 for Bristol!:thumbsup:

too far ... vote hot though.
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