Free Screening of The Spiderwick Chronicles (11 March) - (New & More cinemas)
Free Screening of The Spiderwick Chronicles (11 March) - (New & More cinemas)

Free Screening of The Spiderwick Chronicles (11 March) - (New & More cinemas)

Preview screenings on Tuesday 11th March

Showcase, Birmingham - 7.00 PM
Cineworld, Bolton - 6.30 PM
Cineworld, Bradford - 6.30 PM
Showcase, Bristol - 7.00 PM
ODEON, Cardiff Atlantic Wharf - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Edinburgh Lothian Road - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Greenwich, London - 6.30 PM
Showcase, Leeds - 7.00 PM
ODEON, Liverpool City (London Road) - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Manchester Printworks - 6.30 PM
Cineworld, Middlesbrough - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Gateshead, Newcastle - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Norwich - 6.30 PM
Showcase, Nottingham - 7.00 PM
ODEON, Panton Street, London - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Portsmouth - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Southampton - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Swiss Cottage - 6.30 PM
ODEON, Whiteleys, London - 6.30 PM

TYPE IN: 124203

Thanks to Guardian


great find!! didnt know they give out tickets in 4's
Got my ticket for greenwich!!

Original Poster

yes they stopped giving 4s a while ago.
Now its back for this one.

Great stuff. The other codes were full for this one but now managed to grab me some tickets - ta very much.

Wow thanks a lot got 2 for nottingham

they give out 4's for family films

Original Poster


they give out 4's for family films

they should but not for every screening.
Last 2 family film code were limited to 2.

If you really need more than 2 in other films you can sign up with second email.
Please be courteous to others and only book number you really need.


yay - Happy to get 4!!!

I have 5 in the family so gunna have to give the missus the boot;-)

thanks got 4 for gateshead!!

Thanks webkami.
Heat'd and rep'd

got four h'd and r'd

This is great because it's on a Tuesday Thanks


Got 4 for Gateshead thanks

Got 4 tickets for Birmingham, fantastic:thumbsup: missed out on last code!
Heat & rep added

Original Poster

Thanks everyone...
and thanks to free Guardian at my club ...

I hope everybody enjoys this...

Got 4 also. Thanx for the code


Got tickets for Odeon Southampton! Hooray lol.



Got 4 tickets for Southampton :thumbsup:

Thank you OP

Yay, im so pleased. I missed out on the last post about this. Got two tickets for Gateshead:-D

4 free for Liverpool


voted hot, cheers mate - got 2 for newcastle/gateshead

Original Poster


voted hot, cheers mate - got 2 for newcastle/gateshead

That is fourth message for gateshead....
Lets see ...who will buy me a drink in Metro Centre as a thanks.... LOL

Managed to get 4 for Birmingham.


Voted Hot!:


Just got 4 tickets:-D

i thought the odeon in portsmouth was closed down

I got 4 for Birmingham too... first time it's worked for me.


thanks for poslting, voted hot, but (as usual!!) not in my area

wow suze have you ever been to any of these free films

everytime ive seen your post in a free films thread its always saying you couldnt get one

ive just ordered 6 tickets


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