FREE Screening - "Ratatouille"
FREE Screening - "Ratatouille"

FREE Screening - "Ratatouille"

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Date/Time: 7 October 2007 (Sunday), 10:00am for 10:30am Start

From The Times...

Participating Vue Cinemas:

London: Acton, North Finchley, Shepherds Bush, West End

Rest of UK: Basingstoke Festival, Birmingham, Bristol Cribbs, Cambridge, Cheshire Oaks, Croydon Grants, Edinburgh Ocean, Leeds Light, Leicester, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, Romford, Staines, York

"The latest concoction from the genius animators of Pixar, Ratatouille is the crazy story of a chef who has everything talent, style... and whiskers.... Remy is a rat like no other. He dreams of becoming a great chef, and when he finds himself underneath a top restaurant in the sewers of Paris, he cooks up a plan. Whispering instructions from inside the hat of his new friend the cleaner, Linguini Remy creates culinary masterpieces that cause a huge stir in the world of haute cuisine."


Hey ]gerry8026, thank you for this I bagged myself some tickets for this!

And for anyone that's interested the next GoBeyond screening is "Stardust".


Thanks. Voted hot.

got some for my sisters, thanks!

cheers mate!!

Just grabbed 2 tix! Thanx for the tip!

2 for birmingham...................thanks

max 2 tickets, but voted hot anyway!

Cheers mate, voted Hot, got two tickets for the screening at Croydon :thumbsup:

Excellent..thanks. Got 2 for Leeds. Would have gone to see this anyway...well 'cos it's PIXAR !!!!! Empire magazine give this film 5 stars, and this after they gave a disappointing 3 stars for Cars. :thumbsup:

Voted HOT 'cos these are gonna fly !!!

wish there was something more than hot!!

Thanks, not many left for london btw

Croydon had about 56 remaining, you can book 4 tickets max btw, just log back in using the same Id, it lets you book two tickets the second time around as well.

Thanks a lot, my son is really looking forwards to watching this one

I've just booked my 4 tickets, but forgot to print them out...do you get an email with this one because I haven't had anything yet?

I've never been known for my patience.....email came through at last!

Yes you'll get an email to your registered email account, which you can then print out. Check your Junk because mine came through instantaneously.

You will receive their confirmation email later. No worry

thanks guys...was starting to sweat as have told the kiddies we're going.....will keep fingers crossed!

Thanks. Got 2 for Plymouth. Heat & rep added. Ta!

Cheers :thumbsup: - Grabbed a couple for cheshire oaks - about 30 left at time of posting

Thanks got 4 for Plymouth:thumbsup:

Thanks, will try and take my 3 year old to the cinema in Edinburgh for the first time. A its free doesn't matter if we leave half way.:thumbsup:

Thanks. Don't you just print out the confirmation page and take it along with you to the cinema? That's what the page said. There's no mention of waiting for an e-mail.

PS Voted Hot.

None left for Cheshire Oaks now, if anyone has any spare, please let me know

Anyone know of any screenings taken place mid-week next week ??


Missed out on Leeds Light! Boo! I'll have to stay up later Voted hot for the rest of you!

Got 2 tickets for Oxford Vue.

Just got 2 at Romford ... Thanks!



Just got 2 at Romford ... Thanks!

I will see you there then:-D

Thanks! Got 2 for Plymouth.:)

Darn no more tickets for croydon!

Edinburgh seems to have gone, anybody any ideas?

Great, Thankyou! Got some tickets for Reading, the kids wanted to see this anyway.

Thanks got tickets at Romford for me and the kids

Thanks for this looks to be an excellent film from the trailers. My 2 yearold shouts "Mou" everytime with a wide grin. Cant wait bagged 4 tickets for plymouth (45 left) :thumbsup:

Grrr, none in central london.

Hot anyway.


max 2 tickets, but voted hot anyway!

I managed to get 2 lots of 2 tickets - 2 different booking numbers on the same registered address. I just went through the application screen twice!


Edinburgh seems to have gone, anybody any ideas?

I've got a few.

kmhtkmhtkmht, are you offering, or is there a way i can get 2 tickets?

Can I just point out that you need to buy The Times newspaper because you have to take the page from the newspaper with you.

All sold out at Cambridge

thanks for info, voted hot, but none left for me :-(
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