Free Screening - State of Play - Sunday 19 April (Norwich)
Free Screening - State of Play - Sunday 19 April (Norwich)

Free Screening - State of Play - Sunday 19 April (Norwich)

Norwich Odean, Riverside
10.30am for 11.00am

Code 604609

I realise it's Norwich only but may be of use to someone, I have checked and there are tickets available atm


Thanks from Norwich!

I live miles from Norwich, but have some heat for having the courage to post!

Enjoy the film - looks a cracker!

I have managed to get 2 tickets. Thanks ever so much. Told Hubby cinema is on me!!!!!!! hehehehehe

Do i just walk in there and say 2 Please and show them that bit of paper and we get in for free?

I have never done this before!!!!

Original Poster

Even better than that if you drive and park in the multi storey opposite the railway station they will stamp the car park ticket at the cinema for free as well. Just hand the print out over to the person at the ticket check (not the ticket desk) and they'll will tell you which screen it is being shown in . I've never been asked for ID but always have a credit card on me just in case, my friend was asked once, just depends who's checking the print outs.

It says on the site that if you can't go, to give the ticket to someone else, so I doubt if ID would be required. The only downside is that you can't get the buy-one-get-one-free offer at Old Orleans (next to the cinema), cos you don't get an actual cinema ticket.

thanks for this i was looking all day everyday for some tickets for norwich. if it wasnt for you me and my brother wudnt be able to go so a big thank you.:w00t:

In future, when posting these tickets, please try to specify in the title if it's a local area (I have added "Norwich", or "London", for example). Or, if it's nationwide, it's helpful to list which cinema it's at (cineworld, odeon, etc). This can help people judge whether it's going to be near them or not, and can help avoid your post getting cold votes. Ducky.

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