Free Screening - The Next Three Days 2nd January
Free Screening - The Next Three Days 2nd January

Free Screening - The Next Three Days 2nd January

code 952536
Date & time 02/01/11 11:00

Basingstoke, Odeon
Birmingham, Odeon
Blackpool, Odeon
Bournemouth, Odeon
Braehead Glasgow, Odeon
Bristol, Odeon
Bromborough, Odeon
Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, Odeon
Chatham, Odeon
Colchester, Odeon
Coventry, Odeon
Derby, Odeon
Dudley, Odeon
Edinburgh Wester Hailes, Odeon
Greenwich, Odeon
Guildford, Odeon
Hatfield Galleria, Odeon
Huddersfield, Odeon
Kingston upon Thames, Odeon
Lee Valley, Odeon
Leeds/Bradford, Odeon
Leicester, Odeon
Lincoln, Odeon
Liverpool ONE, Odeon
Manchester Printworks, Odeon
Mansfield Leisure Park, Odeon
MetroCentre, Odeon
Milton Keynes, Odeon
Norwich, Odeon
Nuneaton, Odeon
Preston, Odeon
Rochdale, Odeon
Sheffield, Odeon
Silverlink, Odeon
Southampton, Odeon
Southend on Sea, Odeon
Stoke on Trent, Odeon
Swansea, Odeon
Taunton, Odeon
Tunbridge Wells, Odeon
Uxbridge, Odeon
Warrington, Odeon
West Thurrock, Odeon
Whiteleys, Odeon
Wimbledon, Odeon

Thanks to elski


thanks got 2 for coventry

Thanks 2 for Southend x


thx got 2 for blackpool

thanks hope to see this as got cancelled in m/c last time


thanks got 2 for coventry

Me too, Cheers

Thanks for posting.

Just got tickets for Whiteleys. Thanks

Thanks...got 2 for Kingston......

Got 2 for Manchester. Thanks. Here's hoping it's not too hard to get into Manchester with the sales traffic.

got 2 for metrocentre...yay. thanks op.

2 for Lincoln, thanks.

Thanks for posting! Got 2 for birmingham.

Thanks. Just got 4 for Sheffield after the screening on Tue was cancelled.

Great movie

Cheers 2 for Basingstoke.

Was a good movie (saw it the other day). It is a remake of "Pour Elle" (Anything for her), btw.

cheers got 2 sheffield. is this suitable for children age 9?

Heat! 2 for Wimbledon


Thanks, 2 for Silverlink

Excellent, haven't seen any film reviews on here for a while now. Thank you.


cheers got 2 sheffield. is this suitable for children age 9?

Certificate 12A


thank you

2 for Manchester, thanks

Thanks got 2 for Wimbledon

Thank You, got 2 for Metro Centre

Thanks, heat added.

Thanks just got two for Whitleys

Thanks, just got 2 for West Thurrock. Heat added

Thanks 2 for Taunton

Thanks a plenty. Got 2 for Braehead, Glasgow.

Could somebody answer: Do I need to buy a Sunday Mail to present with my tickets ??

yay a cinema near me at last, thanks X)

heated...ta very

Woohooo. Great find

Got some for silverlink. Thanks OP heat added.x

Got one in Brizzle yesterday ta.

Nice one. Got 2 for MK
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