Free Screening to see Kick-Ass - 23rd/24th/25th March (Depending on cinema)
Free Screening to see Kick-Ass - 23rd/24th/25th March (Depending on cinema)

Free Screening to see Kick-Ass - 23rd/24th/25th March (Depending on cinema)

Full of bloody violence and black humour in
a Judd Apatow-meets-Quentin Tarantino style, Layer
Cake director Matthew Vaughn and Wanted comicbook
creator Mark Millar unleash one of the most
talked-about superhero action films of the year.

Dont take our word for it though, see the wonder
for yourself at one of the following free screenings on
23 March (except Glasgow and Manchester) at 6.30pm:
Cineworld Aberdeen Union, Cineworld Birmingham
Broad Street, Cineworld Brighton, Vue Bristol Cribbs
Causeway, Cineworld Cambridge, Cineworld Cardiff,
Cineworld Dundee, Cineworld Edinburgh, Cineworld
Enfield, Cineworld Falkirk, Cineworld Odeon
Gateshead Metrocentre, Glasgow Renfrew Street (24
March), Odeon Kingston, Vue Leeds The Light, Vue
Leicester, Odeon Liverpool One, Cineworld London
Shaftesbury Avenue, Odeon Manchester Print Works
(25 March), Cineworld Middlesbrough, Cineworld
Nottingham, Vue Plymouth, Cineworld Sheffield,
Odeon Southampton.

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served
basis at Tellten.co.uk. To download your tickets, simply
enter the code 221539.

(Copied from Shortlist Magazine - magazine.shortlist.com/dow…php?id=10225&pages=332434)


London all gone. But thanks for posting. Tickets for other venues available - voted hot.

Manchester and Leeds already full:?

Just got 2 for Liverpool one. Heat and Rep OP.:thumbsup:

glasgow full too

:oops:birmingham gone too......tickets go very quick these days!

thanks so much! H&R!

None for Southampton again! heat added though.. :thumbsup:


all full for brum too

Liverpool gone now

If anyone has any for Liverpool and decides they're not going then please PM me

all gone sheffield

Aberdeen full

Mboro full to if anybody is not going please send my way

Balls i so want to see this film.

can't get any for middlesbrough. if anyone has two tickets would they be so kind to pass them on?


anyone have any spare for Sheffield? would be much appreciated
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