Free Screening - Win Win 17th May @ Show Film First

Free Screening - Win Win 17th May @ Show Film First

Found 9th May 2011…046

• Birmingham Broad Street, Cineworld
• Bradford, Cineworld
• Brighton, Cineworld
• Bristol, Cineworld
• Cardiff, Cineworld
• Crawley, Cineworld
• Didsbury, Cineworld
• Edinburgh, Cineworld
• Glasgow Parkhead, Cineworld
• Hull, Cineworld
• Liverpool, Cineworld
• Middlesbrough, Cineworld
• Milton Keynes, Cineworld
• Nottingham, Cineworld
• Sheffield, Cineworld

Thanks to AYBG


none near me
still hot

thanks, got 2 for Bristol.:D

Still none near me.

Also just got 2 for Bristol.

thank you - just got 2 for brighton

Film looks great, but Cineworld Southampton never does previews

i got an email saying the parkhead 1 was cancelled so dunno why it's on here

None left for Edinburgh, if anyone has tickets for Edin and can't make it would be grateful if you could PM me.


Anyone got two for birmingham?

Don't know if it's of anyuse to anyone, but I now have a spare pare of tickets for Bristol onTuesday 17th May at 6:30pm, as SWMBO can't now make it.
First respondee (if anyone does) can have them, so long as we can work out how I can pass on the ticket.

thanks a lot!!!
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