Free screenings at the Scoop
Free screenings at the Scoop

Free screenings at the Scoop

15 September 2010 -
01 October 2010


Scoop, The


Age Restrictions

All the free films at The Scoop make for great summer watching. Get there early, take your own drinks and popcorn, and make a night of it.

Wednesday 15th September - Up in the Air
Thursday 16th September - The Kite Runner
Friday 17th September - The Bourne Ultimatum

Wednesday 22nd September - The Hurt Locker
Thursday 23rd September - North by Northwest
Friday 24th September - Pretty Woman

Wednesday 29th September - Invictus
Thursday 30th September - Up
Friday 1st October - Dirty Dancing

The free screenings at The Scoop amphitheatre take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 15th September - 1st October 2010. The films start at 7.30pm and seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Film may be cancelled because of rain.


Wrong section. Should be under Freebies.

Original Poster


Wrong section. Should be under Freebies.

I'll make sure to post the next one in the right section. Thanks for the feedback though.

great freebie if you missed any of those films - some excellent ones showing

Great if you live in London. no good for me. Still a hot deal...

Went last year. Good event if you can make it and it's worth going. What I would say is it does fill quickly so if you want a good seat you should probably turn up 30-45 mins before the start. I arrived around 20 mins before the start and I managed to get a seat the the very back and it was packed in front of me.

Also bring blankets in case it does get a bit cold and a cushion if you don't like sitting on hard concrete for a long period of time. Also bring some snacks and something to drink. There was a small bar which served drinks and there was a burger stand too but I remember the prices being a tad much and it was a bit limited so bring your own if you can. I remember there being a couple shops fairly close by but don't hold me to it.
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