Free second mobile number.

Free second mobile number.

Found 22nd Oct 2013
Not sure if this is the right place to put this but came across this website that give you the choice to have more than one mobile number calling your phone.

It's not cost me a penny and I only had to give them my email address and it was all instant. I was only looking as I'm selling stuff and didn't want to give out my number so now I've used this.

It's totally free no catches and I've not seen and negative info on the net.
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I bet mobile carriers charge people to call you on these numbers
It offers 070 numbers, not mobile numbers!
070 numbers are expensive to call. They look like mobiles but they are not.
See also…rs/
I wish I could vote cold more than once!
Do calls to these 07702 numbers come out of inclusive minutes? I can remember a few years ago a number similar tot he mobile number but was actually premium rate.
any way of getting a landline number to added onto your mobile for free
Orange/ee Defoe charge you to use these numbers as they are classed as call forwarding, so don't believe what it says if it states free to use.
is there an Android app that allows you to block numbers starting with the first three digits?

any way of getting a landline number to added onto your mobile for free

Landline to landline can be free but to direct to mobile there is usually a charge. I have a couple of 0844's for business and pay nothing to have the calls to my landline but it costs if I tag them to the mobile
From what I can see it's totally free for you to have the 070 number but it does cost for people to ring you on it. But it gives me the option to make that number ring anywhere I like from mobiles, landlines, 0845 ect at no cost. It even says you can make it call one number and if there is no answer it will try another.

I never said it was free to call the number I just said its free to have them. I'm using one right now to sell some stuff on gumtree and as soon as it's sold I will just remove the number then I won't get any more calls.

I just though it would be useful, didn't mean to mislead anyone :-(
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