Free secret Santa gift from ASOS with O2 priority moments
Free secret Santa gift from ASOS with O2 priority moments

Free secret Santa gift from ASOS with O2 priority moments

Free secret Santa gift from ASOS with O2 priority app, up to the value of £12.


Beat me to it just ordered mine love a freebie!
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Just done it, cheers. It does say it's a girls gift but done anyway, can't beat a freebie.

Did you find out what you got?

It says to "Enter all your details below to see what's in your stocking" but then goes to a page saying "Boom! You just got yourself an awesome treat".

Guess you find out once it is delivered?

Great, can't wait to find out what it will be - nice idea for asos to play secret santa
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Yep any freebie is good even if we don't know wat it is lol




Thank you!

Thanks. :-)

Cheers i like free things

I done it and passed it on to friends

BOOM i got my freebie. thanks :-)

I tried claiming this within a minute or two of the offer being announced by O2 on Twitter and I entered all my details and unique code, clicked submit, nothing happened. Tried entering again then it said code has already been redeemed! Looking at comments on Twitter many others had the same problem.

Thanks OP, great spot! It seems like a random surprise as to what we'll get then... Wonder if it'll arrive in time for Christmas? Great little freebie, whatever it is!

Offer limit has been reached for me.

Where does it tell you what you got?x

Nice one, I'm often spending money at ASOS despite getting nothing from them myself, so this will be a nice free surprise, thanking you!

how d you do this?

Limit reached. Missed out

Ah i see my problem, limit has been reached! That was fast!

Got mine ok, thanks.

how do you get it? can someone help please?

T&Cs say 30 days for delivery? Secret Santa is later than regular Santa I guess! Must just be whatever's left over after xmas free is free, though still not got the innocent secret santa so hope it actually arrives! Fingers crossed!

Bad time for my phone to die!

tried this and it said limit has been reached, but thanks for posting anyway.

All gone went on app and was saying 50 but then wouldn't go through :'(

Offer limit definitely hadn't been reached when I tried claiming but still didn't work.

Damn for once I thought I had reached on time...


silly question how do you order please? I put the code in then nothing happened!

All gone :-(


24 hour deal gone in 22 minutes lol


Thaks OP!

I hope I get the dog hat so I can walk my dog wearing it

10000 gifts apparently available... Doubt they have got rid of that many this quickly. They will hopefully release more.


24 hour deal gone in 22 minutes lol

they had 10,000 to give away too!

Nice one

Says for 24hrs only yea right o2 more like 24 seconds
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