Free secure automatic online backup
Free secure automatic online backup

Free secure automatic online backup

The most valuable thing on your computer is probably your data. You may well back it up to DVD or another hard drive but a fire or theft could leave you in the ****.

There are a number of services that automatically back up your data over the net for free (you need broadband for this really).

The one I have experience of is Mozy. You get up to 2GB of storage for free. This is plenty for all my emails and office docs. Photos, MP3s etc. will quickly take you over this limit however but you can upgrade to more space for a fee. However having your documents backed up for free can't be bad.

Mozy installs as a service on your computer and every so often (approx every 2 hours) finds any documents in your backup set that have changed or been created and backs them up over your broadband link. Documents are encrypted and there are throttling options and "don't back up unless idle" options as well as scheduled backups. Very easy to leave running and forget about until disaster strikes and you can recover your docs. You can also throttle between certain hours - useful if you ISP has off peak times.

Other services are also available:


Xdrive gives you 5MB of free online storage.


Idrive gives you 2GB for free.


Drive Headquarters gives you 1GB free.

Not sure what effect having all these running scheduled jobs to back up different file sets would have but there is potentially 10GB of free secure online storage there - enough for most photo and MP3 collections.


]Box.net is another, providing 1GB for free. They also have an Office add-in that will save the file directly to the server.

As with all of these services, exercise due care. If you want to back up something sensitive make sure it's encrypted.

I like the combination of ]Strongspace, ]SftpDrive and ]Truecrypt. Yes, you have to pay ~£20 for SftpDrive but it provides a lifetime 3GB Strongspace account. SftpDrive will allow you to access the Strongspace account from Windows like an external drive, so it's possible to upload an encrypted Truecrypt drive and the access it from there. So not only is the connection encrypted over SFTP but it's stored encrypted on their system.

No ones posted about this so I'll give my humble opinion. I've been using this on my work laptop for about a year now. All my essential files (you can select which ones) are automatically backed up every fortnight and it takes about 30 min. Several work colleagues, my boss included, were very impressed and have since installed it on their laptops.
Thankfully I havent had to put its recovery capabilities to the test yet, but its an extra bit of peace of mind.

Actually I'm using mozy for few month. Great tool, great configuration possibilities. Easy to use and backup

Not you can get:
For every person that clicks on that link and starts using Mozy*, you'll both get another 256MB of free backup space. That's right, you get extra space, and so do they. That's 1GB of free space for every four people! (We have powerful computers here that can do that sort of math.) For a limited time, there is no limit on the free space you can get.

So if you need code for extra free 256MB, pm creator of the topic, me or any other mozy user

I'm thinking about buying their "Mozy unlimited", it's ~£51 for two years I think my my files are worth more then that. Only one negative thing that it will take time to upload my 400Gb to Mozy server


The one I use is MediaMax. The free plan gives you 25GB of space, though there is a 10mb file size download restriction. I get round this by using Winrar to chop large files into 10mb chunks.


How secure is this?


How secure is this?

It's not secure. Encrypt anything sensitive.

On the other hand, there's lots of stuff that is not really sensitive but you'd want backed up - your diary and address book for instance.

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How secure is this?

Mozy use an encryption key. There is also an option for you to manage your own encryption key. Not tried this so no idea how it works.
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