Free SEGA game to download from Gamersgate (with code) !
Free SEGA game to download from Gamersgate (with code) !

Free SEGA game to download from Gamersgate (with code) !

Every month they'll post a new code to get a free game. Today, and for the next few days, it's Space Harrier II!

As we revealed at the end of last week, we've teamed up with GamersGate to give away a PC digital copy of one of our classic Mega Drive/Genesis titles to you every month FOR FREE. We'll have a different code up every day for the next 3 days as they all last 24hrs each.

Call it a little treat for being on our Facebook.

First up is Space Harrier II, what you need to do is go to the GamersGate offer page and input the code. You will need to signup for an account if you don't already have one with GamersGate in order to complete the transaction. It should be working as of now.

Go to: gamersgate.com/seg…way

** And input the following redemption code: GIVE-SEGA-SHII-37WG8

Don't forget they also hold a lot of other SEGA digital titles from £2/$3 - why not pick up another memory whilst you're at it?



ahhhh the memories.............


old school!


thanks op

remember this when it came out lol


old school!

hey less of the old...only came out last week surely

heat added

what a game!

Just downloaded and played this, An absolute classic. Thank you... HOT!

lol give sega shizzle? is that what code says when converted into human talk

Very HOT! Although I can't manage to attach to the server and I have no firewall running and my http blocker isn't on.

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I'm sorry I misinterpreted their post. It seems it's the same game with a different code for the next 3 days for whatever reason, however, it'll be a new free game every month.

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The topic has been updated and the new code for today is......


Just get an emulator, non? O_o

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This is a legal way to get the game though

A fair point, but I was thinking... the only reason to get these games would be nostalgia value, given that compared to today's games they're mostly crap.

Hence, the only games I'd get would be games I've already bought.

Therefore, under the premise of making one backup copy of games you own, is emulation legal if you have the carts?

Possibly not... depends whether the premise spans across platforms... it'd be interesting to know.

What size is the game?



Today's code is GIVE-SEGA-SHII-37WG8

I keep on getting this crap message

•You have entered an incorrect redeem code. Your free game code can be found on the Sega Facebook Fanpage.
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