free selected download tracks from woolworths download

free selected download tracks from woolworths download

Found 12th Aug 2008Made hot 13th Aug 2008
Go to:…mo6

or click go to deal on right hand side.

When you reach that page, the tracks are listed with this instructions:

'welcome to your download store. To collect your free music just do the following:

click buy to add tracks to your basket, check out and then enter the code for each track seperated by a comma. Make sure this is in the same order as they are listed in you basket.

Example: 00602517609778, 00028947801832, 00602517451087. You don't have to download all at once. Artist, track and free codes below.

Beth Rowling- O'h My Life 00602517609778

Plant & Krauss- Gone, Gone, Gone 00028947801832

Blake- In Paradisium 00602517451087

Scooter- Lonely 00602517721920

Ultrabeat & Darren Styles- Disco Lights 05037128937029

Colby Caillat- "Bubbly" 00602517421691

Gabriella Cilmi- "Sanctuary" 00602517604070

Kean- "Spiralling 00602517834934

Take That- Patience 00602517148321

Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars 00602498568163

James Morrison- You Give Me Something 00602498586709

Razorlight- America 00602517053687

U2- Vertigo 00602498681848

Killers- Mr Brightside 00602498767740

These tracks are available for two weeks only.


i'm not sure why this isn't a super hot deal - some good songs on there and i downloaded five with little bother

Original Poster


i'm not sure why this isn't a super hot deal - some good songs on there … i'm not sure why this isn't a super hot deal - some good songs on there and i downloaded five with little bother

I don't know, often the deals I post, even if they are very good don't get much attention. Maybe it's me, the original poster lol. :thumbsup:

Voted hot, but I wont use it, there are easier ways of downloading music free

WMA? Think I'll pass. Good find anyway though.

Nothing wrong with WMA easily converted to MP3 by i-tunes or other software.

Rep your way.

thnks H&R added, great selection of tracks

Cannot see where to put the code.

Signed up. Clicked on buy track then checkout and thre is no where to put a code... just gives an option to enter what card type - on payment :x

Probably just doing it wrong.

Anyone tell me what :?

I'm guessing my office uses a bizarre proxy or something, but i get

Currently, purchases are not allowed from your location. You will not be allowed to add items to Shopping cart.

Anyone else get this?

yes, i got that too, but in firefox
it lets me install the plugin, but then doesn't work nywy

Thanks for replying.....I am not a big fan of the realplayer media stuff - I just don't trust it.

I tried it in Virtual PC....i installed the plugin in IE..then it redirected me to a microsoft site to download some sort of licensing DRM thingy....then it seemed to work. However, when I transferred the file out of the virtual PC to my normal was not able to be played because my wmp did not have that same update from microsoft. After that I gave up....

Seems to be a lot of problems for a few songs.

Have signed up with them and now have emailed to see how i can unregister. But no answer so far

VOted Cold sorry, OS not supported!

Quick and easy to download - I've never done any digital music downloads before and am scared of MP3 players, Ipods etc so I'm chuffed! Thanks :thumbsup:
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