Free Sennheiser Headphones with any £10 or above spend Richersounds

Free Sennheiser Headphones with any £10 or above spend Richersounds

Found 10th Feb 2007
Saw these tonight and was a little mad as i have just bought a dvd player form them

Print this voucher off and take it into any Richersounds store and get some free headphones with any £10 or above spend Probably wont be great but if u need something from there anyway might as well have a freebie!
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Thanks for the re-post chris-richardson ;-)!!
Thanks for this Chris!

As you say, if u need something from there anyway might as well have a freebie! :thumbsup:
the obvious question is which version of headphones are they, I doubt they are mx500's or even the similar mx400's more likely the inferior mx300's (both ear buds). Would be great if someone actually knows as I am sure I am off target with my guesses.
yeah if anyone gets some let us know what model they are
Thanks chris, nice freebie!
My wife got a pair a few months back, no branding on them, sounded like they were Fenheiser or Benheiser when you used them........
I expect you will get the cheapest model they sell -
Sennheiser MX300 Black £4.99
unfortunately i've found richer sounds a very expensive retailer
Can't imagine they're anything special - but a good freebie nonetheless
This offer is still on, thanks to Kidston for the reminder .
No problem ;o)

It is indeed an offer for the Sennheiser MX300.

They had an offer in the Evening Standard yesterday which also included an extra £100 reduction on their Hitachi 26LD6600 widescreen LCD TV (£299 with the ad). I've tried to post the deal yesterday but it seems to be stuck. Check deals from RicherSounds (it doesn't appear on the forum) and you should see it, if you manage to post a reply let me know.

i also have the scanned ad here, in case someone needs it (prices are cheaper than in-store). I just don't know how to attach it...
Kiddson - host it on ], then you can post it here
Good idea. I'll try that tonight after work. I'll probably try to re-post my deal, the original one's gone awry and won't show up if you don't use filters.

The deal doesn't need re-posted, it's the same offer as this one... ?
I believe he was referring to the Hitachi LCD TV for £299 ?? Which I would be very interested in btw
That's right, same price as bobsmyuncle's deal from DigitalDirect. Seems the offer's expired though, or they might be out of stock.
No problem Lexeus, I'm going to repost it. However, meanwhile we've found another TV for the same price with better specs, a Finlux from, so I'll post it too... Then you can decide what matters more to you, a brand name or better value!
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