free sensory walk in southwark  - 23rd sept, 2017

free sensory walk in southwark - 23rd sept, 2017

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All are welcome to join this gentle sensory stroll through Southwark Park where we will learn more about the history, flora and fauna of Southwark Park.

As we go we will learn more about how to support people living with dementia to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors.

The walk is primarily aimed at people who have dementia and their carers, friends and family but everyone is welcome.

The walk is run in partnership with the Alzheimers Society, Cool Tan Arts and Transport for London.…lk/
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A free walk hmmm
Lovely idea and Sensory gardens and experiences like this are so important for those with many mental based conditions - raising awareness is important and id imagine it will help a lot of people understand how to bring some joy and happiness to relatives that live with certain conditions.
Used to have a sensory garden in one of the railway stations here a sort of refuge from the hubbub

now you can sit in what I can only discribe as a goldfish bowl
Heat, just for being in Southwark Park
Thanks OP, this is a very nice idea
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