Free Setanta Sports with BT Vision
Free Setanta Sports with BT Vision

Free Setanta Sports with BT Vision

Have a £14 or more viewing pack with BT Vision and get Setanta Sports free

BT Vision now brings you FREE Setanta Sport 1. Our great on demand digital TV services are available exclusively to BT Total Broadband customers3. The Value Packs give you unlimited viewing of all programmes in our TV, TV Replay, Music and Kids Packs and FREE connections, just choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs.

This season Setanta Sports brings you LIVE coverage from every round of the FA Cup, crucial home nations World Cup qualifiers and the Community Shield. You can also enjoy the usual 46 great Barclays Premier League matches, 60 Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, plus a whole range of other sports. Don't miss out.


Original Poster Banned

Hmmm, negative, I thought for existing customers this would be good :-(

Problem is it's only free on the £14 or above packages. You don't NEED to be on these packages to have BT Vision, so BT trying to sell it as 'free' isn't quite right.

well cheaper than sky plus you get to choose 2 other packages, kids, music, sports, films and something else. If you were with setanta you'd have to pay £10 month to them anyway so an extra £4 with endless things to watch doesn't seem so bad.

For all those people who spend a fortune to sky every month.. this is a bargain! Plus you have the play, pause and record facility. With sky you HAVE to have the sky plus box which is not really all that great a deal when your paying in excess of £30 per month for things you don't ever really watch..

Rant over lol

Mentioning Setanta on here will always result in cold votes, and rightly so.

Do a search regarding this company, you see why then.

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