Free Sharwoods Thai Red or Green Curry Paste
Free Sharwoods Thai Red or Green Curry Paste

Free Sharwoods Thai Red or Green Curry Paste

This is second on my wish list just below free beer.

Just a quick registration required. Printable voucher redeemable against either Thai Red or Green Curry pastes.

Coupons are unique and personalised - Duplication will be detected (aparantly!)




Just voted 'hot'! lol

Feeling hot, hot ,hot

Cue certain members printing off and redeeming multiple freebie's just like the free beer... :roll:


it wants to install a 4gb plugin to my firefox???

it tried to get me to download the voucher plug in and i said no and it then said its sent it to the printer

i cant get this thing to print off, that install plug in thing is playing up, could someone please send me a screenshot of the voucher or something so i can simply press print it.


These print driver things drive me crazy, compatible with windows xp and internet explorer my a*se

Hot and rep left, got it to print eventually!

Managed to capture it to OneNote (it detected every other document creation software I have - I don't print at home)

It has your email address printed on it and also a random print area which I suspect is your address coded...


would have been good if i didnt have to install that ****

Excellent have printed the voucher off no prob and also did one in hubbys name so we can try both.
Heat and rep added.

Thanks for this

Got it to print no problems, many thanks

Took TWO of the sport drink vouchers to tesco and the girl was so confused cos voucher didn't go thru that she caled the super who put it thru manually.

Haha. Got TWO sport drinks.

I've given up trying to print it. Have tried Firefox and IE 7. Neither have tried to install any Active X stuff, and I switched off popup blockers!!?? Would be less painful to just go and buy it! ;-) I even clicked on the link to get a voucher posted by snail mail, and that didn't work either!

printed mine thanks:thumbsup:

Got it to print no problem after the coupon print activeX was installed. Worked on Aol and IE7. One for me and one for the wife. Won't work on Opera browser.

If you don't want to use your email addres, just make anything up and it will still print the coupon i.e you don't have to validate from your email address.

If you want to delete the activeX, then search for "csauie" - next time you restart the computer.

Tried to get these curry pastes at the huge Tesco Extra in Mansfield - not part of stock. Anyone actually got the it yet?

I couldn't get it at a TESCO either, so went to Asda and found it there.
I was confused that the voucher said something about a free jar between the value of 89p - £1 (or something similar) but you cant buy it at that price!
Asda were £1.55 but the girl just scanned the voucher and then deducted £1.55 from the bill.
Looking forward to my curry tonight!

does not print with vista for me but used XP home and it worked fine

Thanks for that.

doesnt print why cant they just do simple pdf ...

I can't get it to print with Vista either....

cheers pal

Thank you, voted hot.

Got mine today in Tesco and was also confused. It turned out to be a silly small pack instead of a jar like I thought, but hey, it was free!

this is the perfect example of a promotion which pisses customers off, I printed to my pdf printer with a throwaway email so I'll be sure to use the voucher loads of times, muppets!

Thanks. Took a while to work out the priting but got there
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