Free Shower Flow Regulator
Free Shower Flow Regulator

Free Shower Flow Regulator

The eaga ShowerSmart is designed to regulate the flow of your existing shower, simply and effectively. Best of all, it's completely free when you apply through the Green Consumer Guide. The Showersmart is being distributed as part of a Government-backed scheme and every household is eligible for one.

If you're a member of ipoints then you also get 50 ipoints for getting this.


It's true that this makes a vast difference to the shower's pressure. But, if like me you have a shower head with varying pulses - just use the strongest pulse when you attach the saver and it's fine.

this has been up loads of time.....

It also puts a lot of pressure on your mixer washers, it ruined mine

Go via Quidco.... 50pence cashback for applying...Every little helps lol
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