free shower smart

free shower smart

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i know similar deal has been posted before
however that was for over 70,s
now although offer is for unison members, it says on the site that

As part of the Government?commitment to reduce the amount of energy we use, eaga, working with ScottishPower, have one free eaga ShowerSmart available to every household in England, Scotland and Wales.


[FONT=arial][SIZE=2] Quick facts on eaga ShowerSmart

[*]Save up to £600 over the product's lifetime.
[*]The eaga ShowerSmart is suitable for all non-electric showers and regulates the flow rate to that of a powerful electric shower.
[*]For mains-fed showers (where hot water comes from a combi-boiler or similar), this saves both water and the associated energy with heating hot water.
[*]For a 2-person household, the eaga ShowerSmart will typically save more than 12,000 litres per year*, cut carbon emissions by 1 tonne* of CO2 over its lifetime and save about £20* on gas and £20* on water bills (where metered) per year.
[*]15 Year manufacturer guarantee.[/LIST] * Building Research Establishment


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thank choc - ordered
thank o/p heat and rep added

ordered mine thank you,

We fitted these devices on every shower on a cruise ship I was working on, that was in 1995! The passenger feedback was terrible, the device reduces the flow but aerates it to give a similar shower pattern whilst reducing the amount of water, the main complaint was that it didn't feel like a decent shower and so people showered longer. Which sort of negated the savings really!

I have one of these. All it does is inhibit the flow of water through a mesh. It will further inhibit the flow if you live in a hard water area

I fitted one. My wife insisted that I remove it because she likes a high pressure shower.

We fitted one of these to our power shower a few months back and I can say with all honesty that we've hardly noticed any difference at all in terms of water flow and still get plenty of power. Not too sure what the benefits are to be honest as it came free with our latest boiler service (care of Warmsure) but if it reduces usage/costs then that can only be a good thing :thumbsup:

if you want your pressure on your shower halved , fit one of these!. Thats basically the job it performs so you use less water.

maybe we could all just shower every-other-day instead?

shower share?!!:thumbsup:

Ordered one but not sure if it is free for Northern Ireland too?


shower share?!!:thumbsup:

WHAT??:oops: Shocked.

Merci boucoup!! :thumbsup:

It does make a difference to the flow of the water. After a while though really it is good as you do get used to it.

The water supply that my shower uses is very high pressure, so this reduces it and helps to save on all the filters that the water goes through in the bore hole aswell as all the filtration equipment!


maybe we could all just shower every-other-day instead?

or wash quickly in half the time. high pressure hoses will be limited to big brother putting down the coming depression rioters. :-D

Most useless bit of junk you can get - don't be fooled


WHAT??:oops: Shocked.


Thanks its worth a try and even better if it saves money and energy

Heat and repped ;-)

Useless junk
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