Free Simple Life DVD
Free Simple Life DVD

Free Simple Life DVD



THE SIMPLE LIFE returns for a fourth series and sees socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie trying to fathom the family lives of regular Americans. Based on the simple premise of putting two extremely pampered, beautiful young women into situations most people would find highly ordinary, THE SIMPLE LIFE succeeds on the merits of its hilariously clueless protagonists. Audiences will thrill to the spectacle of the girls throwing commitment ceremonies for lesbians, caring for small children, and learn a thing or two about love from an elderly couple.

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Never heard of it but thought someone might trying their luck for one


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i ordered one and got a confirmation e-mail

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Simple Life - Series 4 - DVD - NO CHARGE

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its gone from the site now, it'll probably get cancelled.

they had demsey and makepeace box set showing 0.00 too

the simple life is hilarious. One of my favs on TV.

You won't get this for 0.00. Series 4 has only just been released.

Now showing at £13.99
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