FREE Simplee Aloe drink 330ml- ClickSnap (Quidco)

FREE Simplee Aloe drink 330ml- ClickSnap (Quidco)

LocalFound 11th Jul 2017

Offer valid for Simplee Aloe Grape & Lemon 330ml, Simplee Aloe Superberries 330ml

Purchase it at your Sainsburys.

Offer terms and conditions

Find me in the Fresh area, with the Juices & Smoothies.

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Can also claim free via CheckoutSmart, with a different receipt.

Offer expires tomorrow, 12 July, unless extended.

Just need to find a branch of Sainsburys that stocks these.
Is the drink any good?
Grape drink is nicer than the berry one
Not on my app
Been to three Sainsbury's recently, none had this. Nowhere ever seems to have those little novelty drinks that appear on Clicksnap from time to time.
I've managed to get some from Wakefield store
can't find them in the store, where is it actually put?
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