Free Skin Health Check Worth £8.99 - promotional code CR101
Free Skin Health Check Worth £8.99 - promotional code CR101

Free Skin Health Check Worth £8.99 - promotional code CR101

enter the promotional code CR101 when asked to get a free skin health check worth £8.99. Answer a bunch of questions and they'll send you a free personalised report by e-mail. You can pay to have it bound and delivered but there's no need to.


Go pinkmelonsmr2!

thank you...wicked survey

Thanks, look forward to reading mine :-D

thanks, given it a go....

probably tell me to give up now!

Did anyone get theirs?

who would pay 8.99 for this. cool freebie though. heat

Skin health check? Its nothing more than about 20 questions which they will then use to directly market their products to you!

Its effectively the same as going to talk to the dressed-up tarts on the beauty counters in debenhams to ask for beauty advice - they're not gonna send you to a rival now are they??

They put a price on this only so they could then release a free code to encourage ppl to join their customer database without really knowing it.......clever marketing.

£8.99? hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahaha

Beware! :x I spent ages filling in the questionnaire for the report and got to the end, pressed the "Finish" button and it sent me to a webpage stating: "Page not found. What has happened here? Either we moved that webpage. Or someone mistyped" The Contact link doesn't work either. Maybe it works in Micro$oft's IE browser but it doesn't appear to work in Mozilla Firefox.

So it was a bit of a waste of five minutes or more. (But it was amusing when they came to ask about shaving problems and highlighted the area on the chin ... of a female model!)

I did this and never received anything...
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