FREE SKY HD + 1/2 Price TV packages

FREE SKY HD + 1/2 Price TV packages

Found 19th Feb 2010

I just spotted a shed load of ebay listings for the SKY HD / TV deal that was on before Christmas.

You get:

FREE HD Subscription for 1 year
HALF PRICE for all TV packages for 1 year
FREE Installation

This did end in December 2009 but looks like its back and requires a code again to get the discount taken off at the online checkout.

Not sure if flyers are about with a tel no or if the tel no they used last time for you to call take up deal will be used again.

Is a staff friends and family deal that if you look on ebay, codes can be found / bought from £10 upwards (seen some selling codes for £45!)

THIS IS FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY so wilk not work if you have SKy now or if you have had it but left less than 1 year ago.

My experience with deal:

I did this deal in dec 09 and due to Sky messing up majorly on loads of stuff, i complained to the Exec Team who gave me:

A cheque for £300 and the above offer
+ SKY Broadband Unlimited for £5 for 1 year,
+ FREE Sky Talk Unlimited for 1 year inc FREE line rental
+ Refund on all installation fees inc phone line

So no have TV (inc movies), Phone and BB on top packages for £35 a month inc HD.

Also on the trial for SKY VOD service launching in July 2010.


sounds dodgy

So assuming you dont know someone who works for Sky.. Basically this deal is about buying some special code from ebay and commiting an act of fraud.. I'll get my coat...

already posted with code.

any more codes please?
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