Free Sky+ HD Box & Installed Free, Without HD Subscription @ Sky Digital

Free Sky+ HD Box & Installed Free, Without HD Subscription @ Sky Digital

Found 29th Mar 2011
First deal post, not sure if its on here.

Phoned up Sky as my old man wanted a new box. He is a Sky subscriber of the normal full package. Got through to the 'Im thinking of leaving Sky' phone department and told them he was thinking of getting freesat as hes bought a HD telly but doesnt want to pay more for some HD channels.
I asked them what offers they would give him:

Free Sky+ HD box with free installation, without any extra monthly cost. Admittedly he is only getting the free HD channels extra than what he already has, but his old box and single LNB are going to be replaced for FREE to a nice new unit.

I have an installation date within 5 days :-)

Not sure if it is open to all, or just to those on the full package, or i was just lucky, but Free is Free!


they usualy are good if u say u r leavin last year I got half price package for 6mnths

on the bog standard £20 odd package , might give this a whirl

this aint a deal

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this aint a deal

it seems like a deal for me mate. Something free, which is better than what he has, for nothing, without having to lift a finger, did i say it was free.

See if you can get one cheaper.

the half price deals are better in my opinion but you don't get a shiny new box with those xD.

my half price deal is up soon so will be checking what they have too offer.

hmmm has this kind of offer where theres no hd monthly subscription ever been available for new customers?

Its more like a possibility of a deal given the right circumstances. Like saying you could get 50 quid knocked off your car insurance with the AA if you haggle abit. Hell, if someone gets something positive out of this, it's all good.

I reccon you'll be on a new 12 month HD contract. Worth knowing.

Just to warn you: You loose almost 80% of Sky Anytime by getting a HD box without HD subscription. We did it and didn't pay yhe tenner a month, hardly anything on anytime isn't in HD, so it becomes pointless.

On another note though last week Sky email'd me offering me HD free for 6 months, all I had to do was call, my dad was on the same package but didn't get the email so called and asked for it anyway and they upgraded him too. Just have to cancel it in 5 months to avoid any charge. Sorted, can finally watch anytime...
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