free sky movies till the end of July

free sky movies till the end of July

Found 22nd Jun 2011
Just received a flyer through my door advising I have free Sky Movies until the end of July!!! I have checked and it is true. This may be restricted to my account but thought I would post so others can check and see. Two outcomes, it will be for me only, everyone will hate me for wasting their time and this post will get expired or the whole of the UK has free sky movies without knowing and people will treat me with a God like status forever more.


If only I had Sky but it's great news

Thanks, just checked and yippeee so have I

God like?

just checked on a multiroom sky box, no free films for me

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Pleased to help grunnie, enjoy. Always worry about posting offers on here, but to know I have helped at least one person gives me warmth that no deal heat can give. I also know this should be in freebies (but who looks in there) and i thought i had posted in the freebies section

Just remember to cancel 30 days before the free period finishes - i got stung with the "oh, you need to give us 30 days notice to downgrade your sub"....bah humbug.

Just checked. Cant see sky movies

None for me!!!

nope.. not for me

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The letter confirms you do not have to anything and it will revert back to your usual channels on the 1st August automatically

"I hate you for wasting my time"
Sky HD+ here & no free movies.

none for me either

nor me

checked online under my customer offers and don't have it, although at the bottom of the page it reads...

How do I claim the one month's free Movie Pack offer?

If you haven't already done so, simply sign in to your Sky account to reveal the offer at the top of this page. Follow the instructions and upgrade to our Movies Pack to enjoy your first month free - then it's less than £4 a week.
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hi,sorry but on which channel I can check? Thank you
p.s. I tried 301 but nothing new.
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301 currently watching wild target. Everyone hates me.....boooo

When you get a offer on your account, you just have to mind if you are on the 20% off or the 50% off that when you cancel the movies it will cancel the discount you have on your account .

Freesat here ... so no free movies .... from Mr Murdochs lot

I called them just before the Championship playoff final and was told I could have movies and sports for free for 2 months. Just about to call them to for my 30 days notice, so these kind of offers are on all the time..

i wasn't eligible but i did get Movies 2 package free for 3 months when i phoned up so worth ringing them. Thanks for the heads up - heat added from me

Nothing on my account when logging in, but 1 call to sky and they gave me movies for free for 3 months... nice

I have just upgraded to HD Sky+ free with self install. 3 moths free HD pack, I can the move my current Sky + box to replace my old sky box in my bedroom. Only thing i'll need to do is run an extra cable from the LNB to the bedroom. Sky wanted £60 to do this....... Also got 3 months 1/2 price Movies & Sports, just need to phone up on 21st August to cancel.
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