Free Sky+ (plus £60 installation) INSTORE!

Free Sky+ (plus £60 installation) INSTORE!

Found 11th Dec 2006
Free Sky+ for new and exisiting subscribers (£60 installation fee if you don't take multiroom at the same time) and I think they were also offering half price sky HD.

Be quick though, as the offer ends today.

If you can't get to a store give them a ring. They ring Sky and sort it all out for you.

Ideal for those who have been avoiding upgrading (or buying) Sky+ because they didn't want to pay £99+ installation (or more) to upgrade

No need to buy

No need to buy anything to qualify for the deal ... just get to your nearest store
- Fid

As far as I am aware, this is not available on line and is only available instore
- Fid


don`t see it with the link you give nor any mention on the site but I may have overlooked it. Tried their search and nothing but remote control

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I think this may be an instore deal only - I had a look on the site myself (and as you say) there is no mention of it!

Try ringing your local currys store, they should do it over the phone!

My local Currys hasn't heard of this offer. :-(

You need to spend £169+ on a TV to get the free SKY+ box.

This is not a standard current Sky offer. The only free Sky+ deals that I know of for existing customers are if you recommend a friend etc etc,


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I went in my local currys today (st helens) after it stated in the window last day of free sky+ offer in the window and ordered my father in law (who is an exisiting subscriber) a free sky+ box using just his name address and phone number

sky have rung him back this afternoon, he has paid the £60 installation (as he didn't want multiroom) and he is having it fitted on saturday :thumbsup:

looks like it may not have been offered in all stores (the sign was hand written!)

Damn, I guess I missed out.
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