Free Smartpower Electricity Monitor (Npower Customers)

Free Smartpower Electricity Monitor (Npower Customers)

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Found 25th Nov 2010
Save yourself from unexpected shocks with a free smartpower electricity monitor

How to get this exclusive offer
If you’re an npower customer, to get your smartpower electricity monitor simply sign up or login to My npower, opt to receive paperless billing and request a monitor from the smartpower options*. My npower is free to join and you don’t need to change your energy tariff.

Our monitors are very popular so to help us keep as many of our customers as possible happy we can only supply 1 monitor per household and provide one if you haven’t had one before. Due to a high volume of requests please allow 6 weeks for delivery.


I've got one on the way from Eon for free, and I know that a few other suppliers are offering them free too (British Gas, Scottish Power, Swalec).

I have the British Gas one and this one looks far more sophisticated.

Not sure why this is already cold - it's free and it works well (I have it and use it occasionally to see how much money my kids are costing me).

Have some heat !:3


Heat from me, though i dont have nPower. Still a good freebie!

I ordered one of these recently and it came within a fortnight. Have had a different make before, but my OH seems to like this one better and was recently wondering why we were using so much electricity!! She's never said that before..

Ordered, can't understand anyone voting this cold, it's free.

ordered 1 before but this 1 looks better, tried ordering 1 through my n power account this time, worth a shot.

I have one from nPower (looks very similar to this one) and is pretty useful. Can really see which things cause the biggest spikes. It's fairly common sense but does make you think about cutting down on some things or getting better efficiency items in future.

they should bring out a monitor to say how much profit there making out of your meter !!!!!

Brilliant. Thanks for the post. Just a note for people who already have paperless biling (like me!) you can still request a monitor, just log on and you will automatically have a 'request' button for the monitor.

Finally got mine today, had to wait 5 weeks but great way to start the New Year, saving money and the environment.
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