Free Smoke Alarms Installed
Free Smoke Alarms Installed

Free Smoke Alarms Installed

We want you to be safe and sound. We're carrying out free home fire safety visits in your borough.

We'll also fit a free smoke alarm where needed.

If you would like a visit or would like to arrange a free home fire safety visit on behalf of a member of your family or a friend please check with them first and then contact us by:

calling us free on 08000 28 44 28
emailing us at [email protected]london-fire.gov.uk
faxing us at 020 7587 4222
Fires in the home are the main cause of fire deaths. Our campaign targets vulnerable people at boroughs throughout London where fires and fire deaths are high.

Getting a smoke alarm, regularly testing and maintaining it, as well as planning your escape route in the event of a fire can dramatically decrease the risk of death or serious injury.

Already, hundreds of people across London have called our freephone number or emailed us to request a home fire safety visit.


For Hot Deal users in Strathclyde go to :


South Wales people:


I live in Cleveland, I went to local fire station and asked them to give me a couple of fire alarms. They came around to the house the next day in a fire engine and fitted two alarms and checked the house out. Most likely are for fire is kitchen for us so we close the kitchen door at night.

They were happy to do this as they have targets to meet.

I think most areas will be the same!

Best of all one of them was a firewoman.:thumbsup:

I think they may do this in a lot of areas,often providing the alarms,I know my Mum bought some ages back in Woolworths and they came round and advised where to best to place them.

north wales fire service will also fit for free

I've heard that in some areas they will also give electric deep fat fryers as replacements for the old style chip pan if they see them during an inspection/check/advice thing.


I've heard that in some areas they will also give electric deep fat … I've heard that in some areas they will also give electric deep fat fryers as replacements for the old style chip pan if they see them during an inspection/check/advice thing.

Thats right they do.

Here is the link if you live in Fife


Doesn't look like Devom and Somerset do it.

Looks like a [COLOR="Red"]HOT[/COLOR] [COLOR="Black"]Deal[/COLOR]:whistling:

@Mr C

I too live in Cleveland and my parents had the same thing done. It also helps get the message through (how silly things can cause fires and how to be prevented) sometimes coming from a fire officer.

Free smoke alarms is a national campaign, every fire service in Great Britain will fit you a free smoke alarm and home fire safety check, just phone your local fire service to arrange a visit.

Balls. Just bought and fitted two new ones three days ago!

In Merseyside the Home Fire Safety Checks info can be found thus

Checkplease telephone Fire Service Direct on:
freephone 0800 731 5958

Alternately you can apply for a Home Fire Safety Check online ][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]click here[/COLOR] to fill in the necessary form.

They were doing random fire safety checking in my area and called, and inside 15 minutes had installed 3 smoke alarms, one on each floor of my house. It'd have taken my bloke at least half a day!! I'd originally had a smoke alarm but it was mains powered and kind of attached to my house alarm, and they said that the battery ones were better in the event of mains power going down.

Apparently when you pay your council tax, the money you pay the fire brigade includes the cost of 2 smoke alarms. They come with a 10 year battery so you don't need to worry about them. The fireman told me you go on a register, and they come and replace them after about 8 years.

Highly recommend everyone takes part in this offer EVEN if they have smoke alarms fitted.

Parents had a 10yr old smoke alarm that only recently had a new battery fitted. When you press the test button the siren went of. Did diddly squat when I visited the parents one day... Dad was out and Mum was in the lounge thinking that a neighbour was having a bonfire. I investigated and discovered the upstairs thick with smoke. Got Mum out, dialled 999, and Fire Brigade where there within minutes. An electrical appliance had gone pop and set the bed on fire!

They were surprised the smoke alarm hadn't gone off. They fitted 2 new units then I got them to my house the next day.

In future when the battery goes flat, bin the whole fire alarm and get the local brigade around to fit new units.


cheshire residents can get them click on the link for details
or phone 0800 389 0053

I had a fire safety check last week. They fitted new smoke alarms and did a full safety check.

When the the fire officer realised my boys are totally obsessed with fire engines/fireman etc he went back to his car and brought them stickers, tattoos, pens, pencils, little sticky cuddly thing, colouring books etc.

A top service :thumbsup:
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