Free Snack A Jacks
Free Snack A Jacks

Free Snack A Jacks

Register to receive a voucher which you can redeem for 1 x free standard sized bag of Snack A Jacks.


Yum! Love snack a jacks!

Love em too!

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yep they are great!!

Snack a jacks - salt 'n' vinegar, the best!

Thanks, heat added and voted hot

Anyone tried the new prawn cocktail ones - yummmmm

like the caramel ones

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i love the barbq!!

Like 'em all !!!

thanks, love all of these!

I was coming out of morrisons earlier and noticed 10 bags of the chocolate popcorn reduced to 5p a bag, lol i grabbed them all! Then while in Asda walking past the reduced section they had a multipack of 6 salt and vinegar reduced to 20p, yay!

No one a fan of the original cheese flavour?

A full pack will last all of two mins in our house! YumYum!!

caremel are the best

thanks, love these ;-))

I can't seem to find details of this voucher.

Is it printable? Do they post it to you?

Voted Hot. Thanks

Thanks have registered.

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Hi it is posted to you!

so where's the voucher?

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so where's the voucher?

Hi it is posted to you!

Oh Thanks!

Thanks. I love snack a jacks.

bbq all the way!
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