Free solar panels for first 1500 suitable applicants
Free solar panels for first 1500 suitable applicants

Free solar panels for first 1500 suitable applicants

British Gas mySolar Energy is now offering British Gas customers the opportunity to rent your roof and receive a Standard solar PV system and installation worth £14,052.15.

If your property is suitable this means we will pay for the system and the installation of the panels on your home*.

Once the panels are installed and up and running you can start to generate your own electricity. So not only could you help reduce your carbon emissions by over a tonne, you could also reduce your electricity bills by up to £152 per year**.

Things to consider
You will need a pitched roof of at least 20m2 of south roof space for a 2.52 kWp system or at least 23.8m2 of south facing roof space for a 3.15 kWp system (We will not install on outbuildings, ground mount the panels or install on flat roofs).
You will need to be the freeholder of the property.
We will require you to enter into a lease, on our standard terms and conditions, of the roof and of the airspace where the solar panels will be located.
British Gas will own the solar panels.
You may need planning permission if you live in a listed building, conservation area or world heritage site.
There needs to be a metered supply of electricity to the property. We can not install PV unless there is one present. The household must also comply with Part P electrical standards (subject to offer terms and conditions).
We will supply and fit, at no cost to the house owner, solar PV modules to the outer surface of the roof, an inverter and other electrical equipment inside the roof/loft space and run and connect this equipment to the house main consumer unit usually near the front door or under the stairs.
Solar panels are designed to withstand tough environmental conditions but if they do require maintenance and/or repair we will cover these costs.
As part of the free solar PV offer you will benefit from the electricity that your panels generate which means you could save up to £152** off your electricity bills. British Gas will claim and keep the Clean Energy Cashback (Feed-in Tariff).
It is likely you will need your mortgage or insurance lenders permission. We will help you to do this.


Thanks, will give it a go.

No idea why this was getting voted cold?

Maybe as it doesn't involve an iPhone.

Thanks op, good spot

Thanks, will have to wait and see if we are lucky

I think this is amazing! I'm on Npower Juice, green energy but i no solar panels for me:( voted hot anyway!

just what me parents want thanks heat added

What other mob ??[/quote]
From a certain money page forum fronted by a gentleman who regularly advices on money matters on tv. The techie forum on that site is even more of a hyenas playground.

Will give it a go cheers

So will i you never know..Maybe lucky..

Worth a try -- Heat & Rep added

One of the condition is "metered", does anyone have views on smart meter from bgas?
reading through it it seems like those old key charge idea.
Am I right it will be more expensive for the bill?
It seems easy to install but imposible to uninstall the meter as when you do not want it.
Few forums complaint about bgas not allow customer to uninstall the meter or proved to be very difficult to get it off

Saddly our roof faces in the wrong direction, so we were not 'suitable'.

sounds alot better than the other free solar panel offers online! shame I'm not with british gas


just a word of warning had a call from BG about this, if your roof is not at least 20m square, you will not be eligable for this offer

Befuddled, you need help.

Thanks, coming round to do a survey in three weeks time.

got my survey booked for the 20th sept it sounds like a no brainer to me.

Hmmmm, I personally think you are better buying your own panels. We just got a 4kwp system from solartwin.com and the ROI is about 7%, trying getting that at the bank.

Our system is even generating 37 watts during the night and even in the crappy weather at the moment, getting around 3.8kwp in the day.
Why let British Gas collect the Feed in Tariff subsidy. Ok, you need to stump up the cash to get them on your roof, but you will get 41p a kw from the Feed in Tariff.
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