Free Soltan Suncare with Saturday's Daily Mail, Boots instore

Free Soltan Suncare with Saturday's Daily Mail, Boots instore

Found 3rd Jun 2017
Priced between £3 and £5 you can choose from a range of products which include high SPF protection for children, products for sensitive skin, long-wearing and waterproof care.
Offer is valid on a Boots Soltan Travel Size Sun Protection 50ml or 75ml product (*excludes Soltan 150ml, 200ml, 400ml and Face Protection Sun Cream 50ml, Aftersun and Self Tan). Valid only on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

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Daily Mail, no thanks

Daily Mail, no thanks

Wow. That took a whole 10 minutes!

Daily Mail, no thanks

You should have worded the deal as "suntan lotion with free cat litter tray sheets". Also handy if u have a budgie.
typical marketing ploy! have bought this before in my local boots, so off I went with my voucher, none to be seen in store, so well done the Boots marketing team trying to get peeps to come in your store under a false pretext, so I bought NOTHING in Boots, and went to Superdrug instead and spend £18 !
My local Boots was out of stock at 9:30 am so I did not get any Soltan Suncare and wasted £1 on Daily Mail.
COMPLETE CON me & my daughter-in-law went vouchers in hand only to be told we arnt doing this promotion only available at certain stores don't no whos the biggest con artists BOOTS for there pathetic certain store or DAILY MAIL for conning people to buy there cr__ newspaper
Well I got one!
They didn't have much in my local store either. a few people complained but I did manage to get a 50ml child spf30.
Trust the Daily Mail to try keeping everybody white.
Got mine plenty choice Boots (Fforestfach) Swansea
This was a con by boots. The staff at most stores had removed the valid items from sale but in my store had missed 1 at the back of the shelf. They refused to let me have it using various excuses from not participating to the item not being the correct one despite fitting the requirements for the deal. When I asked for a manager they claimed there was no management on duty. Currently escalating it to Boots head office.
Plenty of availability at Ipswich but were behind the tills so you had to ask.
wow thought Boots were quite reputable
Zameen4 h, 35 m ago

wow thought Boots were quite reputable

Reputable? Have you seen their tax-dodging structure? One of the most disreputable retailers on the High Street - and one of the most overpriced.
If you had trouble with this offer complain to the Advertising Standards Authority. The Daily Mail has just been censured for the Marmite stunt they ran last October with Iceland - some stores had no stock at all in that promo.
... easier to just vote with your feet, will be using Superdrug from now on
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