FREE song each week @ iTunes
FREE song each week @ iTunes

FREE song each week @ iTunes

Each week (or most weeks) the New Music Transmission podcast gives away a free song. The songs can be converted from Podcasts into your normal iTunes library by simply clicking "Create ACC version", and the songs do not have any radio editing, so they are just like normal tracks.

All legal, the bands submit the songs themselves, and so far at least, old songs haven't been deleted. Right now there is a backlog of about 25 songs, some of it is amazing, some of it is average, the odd dud, but hey, it is free!


Thought I'd type up listing while previewing tracks, but I'll save you from my opinion.

Track/Artist listing
Alice - Pogo (Electronica)Released:18/11/2009
In Her Skin - The Gypsy Switch (Rock) Released:24/11/2009
Glorious Dawn - Symphony Of science (Electronica) Released:02/12/2009
Suffer The Sea - Callous (Metal) Released:10/12/2009
Nobody Sees Me (But You) - Kenelis (Rock) Released:16/12/2009
As If You Could - Karn8 (Rock) Released:13/01/2010
Baboon - This Town Needs Guns (Math-rock) Released:20/01/2010
Texas Blues - Good Old War (Blues-rock) Released:26/01/2010
Heads Will Roll - My Luminaries (Alt-rock) Released:02/02/2010
It's A Grey Day, Mikey - Boys (power-folk) Released:10/02/2010
Windshield - The Fading Collection Released:17/02/2010
I Know Every Street - Meeting Of Important People (Alt-Rock) Released:24/02/2010
Rich Man - Ghostland Observatory Released:02/03/2010
The Tank - The Dear Hunter Released:10/03/2010
Psalm for St Paul - Prayers For Atheists (Punk) Released:17/03/2010
Wingwalker - The Deadly syndrome (Elite-pop) Released:24/03/2010
The Sight Of Love - The Camerawalls Released:07/04/2010
Shame on You - Mike Droho Released:21/04/2010
Colours Fade - Blood Red Shoes Released:28/04/2010
The First Time I Met A Sandworm - Bomb The Music Industry (Ska) Released:09/05/2010 - [COLOR="Red"]unable to preview[/COLOR]
Dropping Out Of School - Brad Sucks Released:09/06/2010
Dancing Strings - When Power Stars Collide (IDM) Released:07/07/2010
Easy (Buffetlibre Remix) - Dragonette Released:14/07/2010

Original Poster

Thanks for doing that list!

In my opinion, This Town Needs Guns, Good Old War, My Luminaries and The Deer Hunter are the picks of the bunch

Original Poster

Which do you like the most/least Bikermatt?

Peace Bunny;8960127

Which do you like the most/least Bikermatt?

The best of the bunch IMHO:
Dropping Out Of School - Brad Sucks
Windshield - The Fading Collection
The worst IMHO(but that's just cos I'm not a fan of metal):
Suffer The Sea - Callous

Original Poster

New song today:

The Milkman - Crooked Fiddle Band - 17/07/10
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