Free Soy Candle
Free Soy Candle

Free Soy Candle

complete their questionnaire and all qualifying entrants will get a free candle sample. There's only a few fields to fill in.


really easy to fill in. Thanks pinkmelons, voted hot!


Thanks for the find love candles hope it comes heat added

Nice one..... not sure how they're going to send it to me though?

Cheers 'melons

Nice one, if we get them, thank you :thumbsup:

Good find but no where to put your address:?

"Due to abuse by spammers, we have had to temporarily suspend this service. If you would like to make a genuine enquiry, please do so via the contact page."

No more:roll:


Thanks to everyone who filled their details for a free candle.

We would go through the enquiries and we would send free candles to qualifying entries.

We have tried to make it clear on our website that only qualifying entries get a free candle.

We offer a special code for a discount for people that don't qualify for a free candle.

We received a very high number of requests for a free candle , we thought initially it was a spam bot before we later found out it was from hotukdeals and from genuine people .

Best wishes

had mine come yesterday morning, they smell lovely, thanks for the posting
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