Free Special K Personal Planner
Free Special K Personal Planner

Free Special K Personal Planner

If your juggling with the idea of loosing a bit of weight then this could be good for you. Special K are doing a massive promo on their website to get everyone on their 2 week challenge. On the site you can now use the free diet planner, check your BMI every day for free & even get the free iphone app to track your progress and keep track of what you eat whilst your out.

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Special K diet is awful, and not to mention the cereal tastes of card board. People who go on the K diet may well lose a few pounds while on it but will certainly put it back on when they go back to their normal eating habbits.

The only real way to lose weight (fat) is to exercise. If you're doing the recommended amount of exercise and you're eating no more than 2500 calories for men / 2000 calories for women.

everydayhealth.com has a similar tracking system that also includes a 'calories burned' diary that allows you see if you've burned more calories than you've taken in.

Wont vote cold though, as this is free. Thanks for posting.
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