FREE Spinal Tap track download  Exclusive to Q

FREE Spinal Tap track download Exclusive to Q

Found 31st Jul 2009
(thanks to Empire)

Spinal Tap Are Back - And We've Got An Exclusive Free Track For You
Rumours have been swirling around that Nigel, David and Derek, members of the legendary band Spinal Tap, have been in the recording studio. Unfortunately, they could not come up with any songs, so they found a new lost album they have titled Back From The Dead. A special edition of Back From The Dead featuring 19 show-stopping songs, a DVD with commentary from David, Nigel, and Derek about each song, and a diorama featuring the three perched atop their beloved Stonehenge scenery, is out now.
Download a free Spinal Tap track now - "Back From The Dead"


Spinal Tap and the word FREE in the same sentence... Life can't get much better than this!

Excellent...Thanks :-)

pity the number of free tracks don't goto 11 :w00t: :whistling: *gets his coat*

many thanks, heat & rep!

Can't get any better than a free Spinal Tap....err.....track :thumbsup:

Thanks just DL it , listening to it while placing this reply :thumbsup:

thanks love these guys
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