Free Sports Milkshake Drink

Free Sports Milkshake Drink

Found 23rd Jan 2007
* The UK's 1st great tasting sports recovery drink
* New Organic VanillaBean and SuperBerry flavours
* Great tasting, healthy nutritious snack
* A low-fat milkshake containing NutriMix®, a sports blend of 23 vitamins and minerals, made from all natural ingredients containing no artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
* Provides all the materials that the body needs to rebuild after exercise
* Developed to taste great available in 4 flavours: BigBanana, GreatChocMalt, SuperBerry &
Organic VanillaBean


Thanks for this, my girlfriend competes internationally representing England so I've grabbed her some!


Excellent! - which sport?

I doubt that many of us would get this as it says right at the top:

[SIZE=4]Request a sample[/SIZE]We are looking to support elite athletes, … [SIZE=4]Request a sample[/SIZE]We are looking to support elite athletes, sports teams and clubs in the UK. If you are an elite sportsperson or a member of a top club please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch via email. Please note - we cannot send out individual samples to everyone due to the high traffic on our site and we'll need to vet your request.

Please be aware they 'vet' applications for this freebie.

You need to be participating in a sport and a member of a sport related club.

Sorry I couldn't add this as a tag, wouldn't let me! As my reputation not high enough!


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appolgies :oops:


Used this to try and get samples for my son's hockey team

Yea, was going to post this earlier, but then I saw that not many people would be able to get any (Also think it has been posted before, but didnt check because I wasnt posting anyway)

i still ordered c what happens

I have tried these shakes before, They taste great!

Webpage cannot be found!


Webpage cannot be found!

Same here

these taste absolutely foul anyway

These milkshakes are amazingly nice! Full of goodness too! Lots of protein for a drink too :-)

Thanks, I've requested a sample for my tae kwon-do club, so fingers crossed...

I posted the same deal but didnt attract much users, cant find my post anywere strange

I ordered this a few weeks ago but still not arrived. Ordered again to be on safe side. thanks

To be honest I dont think you will get anything through, its been 2 months now and I aint got anything from them
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