Free Spotify Account
Free Spotify Account

Free Spotify Account

I found this online whilst looking at spotify, basically you can click go to deal and then follow the following instructions. I used a termporary email address to sign up.

Enter spotify.com/en/…ed/ in the url field below

Click on Go
Click on continue anyway on the blue screen
Register with preselected country and zip code: 69002
Download and install the application
Log in and edit your profile at spotify.com
Update your profile with the correct country and zip code
Start the application, log in and play some music


Where is the initial "go"?

Below is what appears...

Get started
Spotify is currently in an invite-only beta, which means you need to have an invitation token to access the service.

Invitation code:

Not invited?
Sign up here and we will contact you as soon as Spotify goes public.


seeing the same as above just the use invite code.

I'm sure this has been posted umpteen times before. Hot anyway although I don't rate Spotify's catalogue of music.

Doesn't work.

Yep, no longer works.

try this invite token (may only work once?)


thanks lonedealhunter for the invite token
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