Free Spotify Premium For 1 Month - May 2011

Free Spotify Premium For 1 Month - May 2011

Found 15th Apr 2011
Ok so I was reading about the changes coming to spotify free (use it often so wanted to find out) and as many of the spotify free users may know and have used is that you can have a 7 day trial of spotify premium to try out. Well, I haven't used it yet but as I read on the page in the link they said:

"plus we have a 7-day free trial for Spotify Premium that we’d love you to try. Throughout May, we’ll also have a pretty nice 30-day free trial for Spotify Premium – more details on that in the next few days."

So more information soon but sounds fantastic for getting a full month of spotify premium! Hope people find this usefull. First time posting a freebie so hope I haven't done anything wrong!
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excellent my colleague just shed out a tenner on this! LOL!
Typical! First get people hooked on a free service, then take it away :-(


I will be posting free alternatives soon, worry not.

But good post OP and welcome!
I just ignored the notification when I was using my Spotify today. Shall have to check it out, thanks!
Saw this coming ages ago, just took them longer to implement it than I expected.

Not too bothered my self, but my daughter has gotten into new music by listening and setting up her favourites, although not £10s/month worth!!!

Good whilst it lasted, back to Isohunt methinks!
Yeah knew this day was coming, the service was too good to be true and been using it for a while now. When you posting the alternative justcricket?
So selfish £10 a month for a massive online music collection is a brilliant deal. Looking for an alternative just because they've grown and need money to keep it running is childish and selfish.
It's not childish and selfish to look for something you can get elsewhere for free when a company suddenly decides you need to pay for it. It's wise, intelligent and thrifty in the current economic climes.
Nah, it's still free to listen to tracks fwiw, it's just yeah, why sihould they "give" it to you for free. at £10 a month it's like ridiculously cheap for what you get.... you can sync over 100 albums a month to my phone, ipod and computer at home for offline listening.. somebody please give me a link to somewhere else you can do this do this for 10 quid a month please... all the people that are moaning about paying for it are probably the same clowns that think getting a new album involves searching for it in micro torrent... illegeally downloaded music is the primary reason that the music industry is so fooooooked up... at least with Spotify the money goes back to the artists...
Simon, they make money off the advertising anyway...
Illegally downloaded music is not the primary reason the music industry is **** up, if anything it helps artists grow and become recognised. Do your homework.
Well, it will be nice to get a month of the premium service for nothing before I look elsewhere.
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