Free St John Ambulance First Aid Guide

Free St John Ambulance First Aid Guide

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Visit the St John Ambulance web site and you can request a pocket sized guide that gives you essential first aid advice. It covers five common conditions where straightforward first aid could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Adroid App :-…sja
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While you are there, make a donation.


I donated last time never received anything cold cold freezing

Innit make donations

Ger73 u want a medal??? Sheesh. Donate. Donate. Donate ...

You can also download the App for free.


aint donating shizzle do they thnk am a **** or smth.

The red cross also have an app it's brilliant. Has child and baby first aid included as well as adult.

very interesting....thanks for sharing

I got mine last time. It's very helpful, Didn't take long to receive it either.

Thanks HUKD ites

Thank you for sharing. x
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