Free St John Ambulance first aid guide
Free St John Ambulance first aid guide

Free St John Ambulance first aid guide

A pocket sized guide that gives you essential first aid advice. It covers five common conditions where straightforward first aid could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. You'll learn how to treat:
* Choking
* Heart attack
* Severe bleeding
* Dealing with an unconscious person
* Dealing with someone who isnt breathing.


Excellent free tips book.. this Hotdeal could save a life !!!

Thanks fab idea already got first aid certificate great to carry around recommended !!!

Well done! A cracking hot deal. well worth taking 2 mins of your time to order a copy.

could be life saving ! thx a lot

Very useful:thumbsup: thanks

got for hubby work van - useful! thanks:thumbsup:

Useful thank you!

I heard a St Johns spokesman on the news this morning and he said that apparently only 1 in 3 people know basic first aid so they are trying to push awareness. Anything that can potentially save a life gets H & R from me

Really great find.Thanks

Entered my details, http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/6261/thankyoucloud.gif

Thanks, it's only a card apparently and not a book but a definate must have

Thanks. Handy quick reference guide. Sent for mine

[COLOR=purple]thanks op..[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]heat added..[/COLOR]

thank you

Cheers. Thanks for the find. Heat added. :thumbsup:

Very Useful thank you!

great, thankyou


excellent ordered one, hot deal!

This is great, my Nan has a problem with swallowing, and it's only going to get worse, there is a real risk she could choke, and if nobody is there in the know, possible to death.

I've been trying to convince the people who have the most contact with her getting some first aid would be a smart idea, though for some reason they're not interested. This will be a great alternative!

Great find ... thanks.

Nice Thxs

Thanks - sent for mine
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