free steam games list

free steam games list

Found 13th Jun 2009
browsing yesterday notice americas army 3 was posted up But there were actually many more free games and mods available from steam which has not been posted up here before, this is a list of ALL the free games available on steam.

Free Steam games list
All steam:// links will only work if you already have Steam installed on your PC.
Your internet browser can ask for confirmation [IE][Firefox] to run these links.

For ATI/AMD (Radeon) graphic card users:
Link: steam://hardwarepromo/305
- Half-Life 2: Deathmatch [6]
- Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

For Nvidia (GeForce) graphic card users:
Link: steam://hardwarepromo/609
- Half-Life 2: Deathmatch [6]
- Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
- Peggle Extreme (free)
- Portal: First Slice (demo)

For all Steam users:
America's Army 3 [7]: steam://install/13140
Between [1][4]: steam://install/29140
Codename Gordon: steam://install/92
COIL [1]: steam://install/31500
Mightier [1]: steam://install/29150
Peggle Extreme: steam://install/3483
Sam & Max: Episode 4: steam://install/8230
TrackMania Nations Forever [2]: steam://install/11020

Free addons and resources for already purchased games:
Counter-Strike (Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta access) [3]: steam://install/150
Half-Life (high definition models - comparison): steam://installaddon/halflifehd (uninstall)
RACE 07 (Crowne Plaza Raceway track) [5]: steam://install/8670

Official MODs:
Age of Chivalry (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17510
D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17530
Darkest Hour (requires Red Orchestra): steam://install/1280
Dystopia (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17580
Eternal Silence (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17550
INSURGENCY (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17700
Mare Nostrum (requires Red Orchestra): steam://install/1230
Smashball (requires Source SDK) [8]: steam://install/17730
Synergy (requires Half-Life 2): steam://install/17520
Zombie Panic! Source (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17500

Steam demos:…=10


[1] mistakenly listed as a demo on storefront
[2] already included on TrackMania United
[3] deployed and deprected, but continues working
[4] mistakenly named as a demo on "My games" list
[5] will install addon on your title and a demo to run feature standalone
[6] does not include Source SDK tool (required to run some MODs)
[7] pre-load state, was not released on Steam yet
[8] will be released next week

direct link…573
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Nice one... Shouldn't be anywhere near a PC on a saturday night but this may make things a bit less bitter. :thumbsup:
thanks alot
great post any thing free i like alotttt! have most already but as oliver twist said more is always welcome.:w00t:
And when you try all of those games get yourself over to ]http//ww…om/ for the motherlode of HL mods :thumbsup:
fancy the peggle game but dont have steam. is there a way of getting it for free?

fancy the peggle game but dont have steam. is there a way of getting it … fancy the peggle game but dont have steam. is there a way of getting it for free?

Yeah - download steam.
Why is "Portal: First Slice (demo)" listed? As you say, it is a demo.
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