Free Stella Cidre and a Chocolate Brownie at Vintage Inn

Free Stella Cidre and a Chocolate Brownie at Vintage Inn

Found 21st Aug 2012
Sign up for their news and offers at your nearest Vintage Inn, then download your voucher..

and enjoy your free chocolate brownie and free Stella Cidre* before the end of August!

* In Scottish venues, licensing laws mean that we can't offer Stella Cidre for free - but you can get a free chocolate brownie. In English and Welsh Vintage Inns, please note that these two offers can not be redeemed at the same time.


It's one or the other... Not both.

Can only be used when purchasing a main course, but still looks good. I might just have to pop down to my local sometime this week!

I dont think it is one or the other is it?

Still, i can have the cidre and the other half and the kids can have the brownies. haha.

Not a freebie if you have to purchase a main course? Good find though!

I tried to use this voucher on Sunday for the Chocolate Brownies. They said that "because of the voucher", they'd ran out of brownies.

However, the waitress said that she'd have a word with the manager to see if we could have an alternative instead.
Result - we had six desserts of our choice (but we wisely chose six which were of equal value or less than that of the brownies) which should have cost around £25 in total, for free.

Well done Vintage Inns!

Both offers are for up to six people, for the record.

My nearest Vintage Inn is 6.8 miles away! Im not that desperate for a free Cidre/Brownie! Voted hot anyway

None in London, don't bother.


None in London, don't bother.

You're a very negative person i've noticed one thing to remember not everybody lives in London so its only you who it does not apply to.

Anyway i wonder how much they value their bathrooms a pint of cider and a chocolate brownie that's just asking for someone to be sick lol

Where does it say you need to buy a meal? I see no mention of that any where.

Thanks for posting.

Have a look on the Voucher terms and conditions and only one voucher per table

I was planning a long bike ride this afternoon, on the off chance I checked to see if there was a Vintage Pub at my half way point (and there is no less) but if the term and conditions are that a a main course has to be ordered, I'll pass.

Still, great freebie for those that are.
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