free stella magazine from daily telegraph
free stella magazine from daily telegraph

free stella magazine from daily telegraph

Wearable, buyable fashion and expert advice from Justine Picardie, author and contributing editor of Vogue and Bella Freud on beauty have recently included:
Kate Hudson on motherhood, movies and monogamy Roberto Cavallis circus maximus Why women live in fear of money 100 years of Estee Lauder What a £380 bra can do for you Daughters who share everything with mum Brooke Shields on how she survived her hellish childhood An insomniacs guide to being good in bed Why good tailoring is more important than therapy Why models will do absolutely anything for Norman Parkinson
Recipes from Jamie Oliver or the chef du jour Eating out with Zoe Williams who is as funny as she is clever Wine by Susy Atkins who has built her formidable reputation on telling women clearly and simply what they should be drinking Cheats Dinner Party a meal for six in an hour for £30 Sandra Howard on the way we live now A beautiful house every week Health and fitness


Waste of time; just buy the Sunday telegraph and you'll get the magazine anyway!

Original Poster

Sorry :-(

No need to apologise I'm sure its a very nice magazine if you're a girlie (which I'm not....:oops:)

It's not a freebie! Because you have to buy the Daily Telegraph to get it!!!!!!!

thought it was free cans of Stella then, but it would take a 24 pack to persuade me to buy it
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